Q: My current provider claims they have special pricing that only they can provide. How is Payumed able to do the same or any better?

A: The playing field is level with regards to qualifying for special pricing as a result of a buying group, Association, membership, etc.  Payumed implements a simple wholesale model while focusing on improving processes and systems, saving money in time within the practice.

Q: Our office is considering Virtual Check as another payment method. Is that a good idea and can Payumed offer it?

A: Virtual Check is on the rise for convenience and savings..  Our real-time and recurring billing solution for credit card also allows payments using a consumers routing/account number, with all payment data stored securely in the cloud and available for future and recurring transactions.  Additional benefits include fewer declines and significant cost savings compared to normal credit card rates.

Q: How can Payumed help us avoid the need to store patient payment information for future billing?

A: We understand the importance of security and accessibility.  The Payumed cloud and web-based terminal interface securely and automatically captures and tokenize all patient payment data, real-time, allowing your office full access to accept payments, one-time or using our recurring payment scheduler.

Q: Our office uses terminal machines on our counter and often our staff needs to wait their turn or step away to swipe a patients card. How can Payumed improve that process?

A: Payumed offers businesses the option to use their existing equipment.  Even better, where there is a PC, we include at no additional cost the ability to enable each computer as a real-time web-based Virtual Terminal.  Add our complimentary swipe device and your staff can accept and manage transactions anywhere there is a computer, including outside the office.  You no longer have a bottleneck of access to accepting a patients payment or any double-entry to store patient payment data.

Q: We have multiple vendors each providing us a service to accept payments, reporting, storing data and offering recurring billing. Is Payumed able to simplify this for us?

A: Yes.  Our program and ability to place businesses with the appropriate platform means you no longer need to piece together your payment needs and pay fees to different vendors.  With Payumed, your core account includes features including, web-based reporting, cloud secure payment data, multiple Virtual Terminal accounts, recurring billing and scheduling.  Under one roof, one provider and one support team, for less than what you pay today.

Q: Our bank signed us up and we might be committed to them for processing. Can Payumed still benefit us?

A: The majority of all community banks are simply a referral source to companies like Payumed.  In other words, as a business, you can rest knowing that you have the ability to shop what is best for your business while maintaining your relationship with your bank and enjoy the benefits of matching a payments provider to your specific needs and interests.

Q: We use a Practice Management Software to process payments. Can Payumed work with our PMS?

A: Payumed supports the majority of all hardware and software in the market, including most PMS systems.  We can quickly let you know if your software is already integrated and certified with one of our processing platforms.  Often it is and a switch is simple while your office continues to use the same PMS interface.

Q: Our practice doesn’t hear much from our current provider and in fact, we are not sure who to call with questions or who our rep is. Does Payumed provide customer support?

A: If support and being able to speak to someone when needed is important, have trust in Payumed.  Our team is high touch, not only to ensure total satisfaction for new customers, but ongoing direct communication for product updates, alerts and notices.  Additionally, our technical support team is available by phone and e-mail 24/7 to answer questions and troubleshoot if needed.

Q: To make sure you can benefit our business, does Payumed offer a complimentary consultation of our practice, if we’re doing things correctly and a total savings analysis?

A: Absolutely; our goal is to be an improvement in both costs spawned from rates/fees and operationally.  We provide a clear and simple ‘effective rate’ price comparison while proposing ways to streamline and open staff and practice bandwidth.

Q: Can you give us an example of a practice that benefited from joining Payumed?

A: Absolutely.  We often find two common areas for improvement.  The first, expanding the presence of payments across the office by empowering the staff to accept and manage payment transactions from the front desk, back office and anywhere access to the web is available.  Second, practices often have more than one provider, pieced together over time to accommodate their needs.  We reduce that vendor management, improving on costs and making it simple to accept payments, manage go forward, and get paid.